Pastor's Update

March 2023

If You're God's Child - March, 2023

     If you’re God’s child – and you are, by faith in Jesus Christ - you can rest assured today that both your standing as God’s child and his protection are sure and secure. These are two things in life you simply don’t have to worry about anymore,...

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To Africa, With Love - February, 2023

     With the permission of the Board for Lay Ministry, I’ve been serving as the chairman of the Administrative Committee for Africa (ACA) for the WELS Board for World Missions. When I graduated from the seminary, serving in world missions was the furthest thing from my...

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Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me? - January, 2023

The Book of Concord, the 600-plus-page book which contains the doctrinal statements of the Lutheran Church is not light reading. But there are some places where it really grabs your attention and speaks to your heart. One of them is when it talks about what the Bible teaches about election. The...

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