Description:  Ushers are an important part of the Worship Ministry Team.  They are the “official doorkeepers” of the Lord’s house and  some of the first people visitors/guests meet upon entering.  A friendly smile, an offered handshake, a spoken “good  morning” all lead to a sincere welcome to both members and  visitors.  Ushers are expected to dress appropriately; (no muscle shirts, shorts, flip-flops, etc.) and be at church 30 minutes before the service.  Remember you are there to present the Lord's house in a Christian manner.  

Time Commitment: 1½ - 2 hours per scheduled day. 


  • Be ready to answer questions (restroom locations, seating assistance as church fills up, etc.)
  • Ensure any messages (special prayers, announcements)  get to the Pastor in a timely manner
  • Ring bells as Pastor leaves the sacristy
  • Count attendees during the sermon and record in  notebook 
  • Assist handicapped people (open/close walkers, offer an  arm, elevator). Let them know Pastor will “gladly” serve  communion at pew
  • Usher people for communion
  • Be aware of medical emergencies – call 911 as needed.  Know where First Aid kits are located 
  • Collect all friendship registers, pick up refuse from pews,  and put hymnals and children’s bag back
  • Don’t be in a hurry to leave church after service. Talk to  people-get a feel for their thoughts on the service. Help  shut off lights


Description:  The greeters welcome churchgoers before Sunday services as they enter the building and hand out bulletins.
Time Commitment:  Arrive 15 minutes prior to the service and greet until the service starts.  Greeters can sign up for as many, or as few, services as they wish.  We will not be doing a rotation as we did in the past.

Sign Up:  Click Here to see available dates and sign up to greet.  
Skills Needed:  No special skills or age requirements. You just need to be friendly. 
Team Contact:  Contact the church office for questions. 

Altar Team 

Description: The Altar Team prepares the earthly elements of Communion for distribution, changes the paraments according to the church year, and informs the church secretary when supplies need to be reordered.

Time Commitment:  Two to three hours per month for setup and cleanup of communion. Communion Sundays and Mondays are the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and the Mondays following those Sundays. For Communion Sundays, setup is done on Saturdays and cleanup on Sundays. For Communion Mondays, setup can be done at the time of Sunday cleanup and cleanup after the service Monday night or Tuesday morning. Meetings held as needed (once or twice a year).

Skills Needed: Ability to walk up and down the stairway to the kitchen and around the Altar area.

Team Contact:  Contact church office

The Altar Team can add Worship atmosphere with seasonal flowers and banners as appropriate for the Church calendar year. 


IT / Technology

Description:  Running the video and slides during Sunday worship services.
Time Commitment:  Arrive 10 minutes before the service starts and run the technology during the service.  Volunteers can sign up as often as they would like. 
Skills Needed:  Basic computer skills needed.  Will receive training.  Volunteers should be middle school age or older. 
Contact:  Contact church office

CrossTalk Children's Ministry 

We're looking at re-starting children's ministry in grades 1-6 in two ways: 

A monthly evening get together on the first Thursday of every month to take place while the First Women are meeting - this would include a devotion, activities, snacks, and songs.

A weekly get-together on Sunday mornings after worship while the parents attend Sunday Morning Bible Study. We see this likely taking place from November through the end of April, about 20 weeks. The children would gather together to learn two or three Bible story lessons each Sunday. 

We can use people who are willing to plan, organize, teach, and help in conducting these activities. 

Contact: Contact the church office


Description:  First Lutheran choir assists in beautifying worship with songs of praise.
Time Commitment:  Practices are weekly Wednesdays (September – May) 7-8 PM.  We try to sing once each month, more at Christmas and Easter.
Skills Needed:  No skill required.  We will work with you and have some experienced singers that can help. 
Team Contact:  Contact the church office

First Women

Mission Statement:  Women keeping Christ first by putting His teachings in action through devotion, service, and support with fellowship, fun, and food.
Time Commitment:  First Thursday of each month for a meeting that includes a devotion, fellowship and planning.  Other volunteer opportunities as needed.  Meetings are hosted by a rotation of volunteers.
Skills Needed:  A love of God’s teachings, a willingness to serve and fellowship with sisters in Christ.

Contact Team:  Contact the church office

Jesus Cares Ministry

Description:  Jesus Cares provides spiritual training at the ABLE home in La Crescent to residents with developmental disabilities.
Time Commitment:  Jesus Cares provides services in God’s Word twice a month.  The services are Tuesdays from 5:00-5:30 with the team being needed from 4:45-5:45. There are no team meetings, so information is passed along by email between the sponsoring congregations: First Ev. Lutheran and Immanuel Lutheran South Ridge.  Pastor Rieke represents First Ev. Lutheran and Pastor Unnasch represents Immanuel.  The Pastors alternate holding the services.
Skills Needed:  Duties may include – setting up and putting away chairs for the service, passing out song books and instruments or other set up assistance as needed.  Skills should include a willingness to be outgoing, warm and gentle with the residents. 
Team Contact: Contact the church office

Mobile Meals Delivery

Current Need:  1-2 substitute delivery drivers for noon meals

Description:  Members from First Lutheran Church and other local churches take turns delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors in the
La Crescent area.
Time Commitment:  Deliveries occur once every 7-8 weeks, and each delivery requires 1 hour.  The delivery driver must pick up containerized meals and delivery instructions at the La Crescent Community Center.  Pickup occurs at 11:40 a.m.
Skills Needed:  Deliverers must be able to drive, lift and carry up to 10 pounds, walk short distances, and work in inclement weather (i.e., rain, snow, ice).
Team Contact:  Contact the church office