We’re having nearly a hour more daylight now at the end of January than we had a
Christmas time. That’s a sign that we’re heading for a new season and warmer

Yes, the days are lengthening here in the Northern Hemisphere. And the olde English
word for “lengthen” gives us the word Lent, which is the season of the church year that
will begin on Ash Wednesday. This year Ash Wednesday falls on February 17. So let’s
look ahead.

The Christian Church will celebrate Epiphany up until Lent begins. Here are our Gospel
Lessons for those Sundays which serve as our sermon texts:
January 31 – Mark 1:21-28, Jesus amazes
February 7 – Mark 1:29-39, Jesus teaches

February 14 (Transfiguration Sunday) – Mark 9:2-9, Jesus’ appearance is

During Lent we will have midweek worship services on Wednesday evenings at 6:30
PM. Once again this year, other area pastors and I will be rotating for these services.
So, you will have an opportunity to hear fresh voices in our pulpit. The theme of our
Lenten worship services will be The Hands Of The Passion:

Hands of Repentance – Luke 18:9-14
Hands of Hypocrisy – Mark 14:55-66
Hands of Misguided Zeal – John 18:4-11
Hands of Betrayal – John 13:21-30
Hands of Brutality – Matthew 27:27-31

Hands of Self-Preservation – Matthew 27:15-26

The Sundays during the season of Lent traditionally celebrate victories of our Lord
February 21 – Mark 1:12-15, Victory in the Wilderness

February 28 – Mark 8:31-38, Victory over the Selfish Ideas
March 7 – John 2:13-22, Victory in the Temple
March 14 – John 3:14-21, Victory over Darkness
March 21 – John 12:20-33, Glorious Victory
March 28 – Mark 11:1-10, Welcomed like a Victor

God Bless,
Pastor Mark