With the exception of Easter, the festival called Epiphany is the oldest festival in the
Christian Church – even older than Christmas – dating from some 300 years after Christ
was born. The early Christian Church wanted to have a special day on which they
celebrated that Jesus Christ is the Savior of both the Jews and the non-Jews, or

The early Christians chose January 6 as the date to celebrate Epiphany. Some
churches hold special services on that date, although many (like ours) celebrate
Epiphany on the Sunday that is closest to January 6.

In liturgical churches like ours, the Sundays after Epiphany are called the season of
Epiphany. The word “epiphany” means “to show or reveal.” During the Sundays of
Epiphany we see the glory of Jesus, God’s Son, revealed.

Here are our sermon texts for the Epiphany season:
January 3 – Matthew 2:1-12 – The Magi come to see Jesus
January 10 – Mark 1:4-11 – The Baptism of Jesus
January 17 – John 1:43-51 – Jesus’ first disciples
January 24 – Mark 1:21-28 – Jesus drives out an evil spirit
January 31 – Mark 1:29-39 – Jesus heals many and begins to preach

Have a blessed Epiphany season.
Pastor Mark