The hot days of August this year reminded me of my youth. It was always hot during “crazy days.” It was probably thirty five years ago that my mom was in charge of the Jaycee juice wagon so my sister and I had the privilege of walking up and down the streets selling juice to thirsty shoppers. Since we were helping with the selling, or at least walking with mom, we also had unlimited access to the juice. As we walked I remember thinking, I bet a lot of people wish they were me as I filled myself with juice. But there is a moment from that day that sticks out in my mind. There was a little boy, probably three or four who wanted some juice but whose father would not buy it. I thought, why can’t I give him some? I’m drinking all I want yet he didn’t have any. Why couldn’t I just reach into the wagon as we were so readily doing all morning? Why couldn’t he have the satisfaction and enjoyment we were having?

Putting the economics of juice vending aside, we do enjoy many comforts in our nation that would make others stare in jealousy. But as Christians, we have possession of and receive all the comforts of our Lord Jesus Christ, something everyone needs, and a comfort no one should live without. We have the knowledge of salvation. We know our sins are forgiven. We are comforted by the knowledge of an eternal, heavenly home. We have a God who comforts us in all our troubles. And the world is looking at us as Christians wondering what our comfort is, wondering why we have such a certain hope.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,  who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3,4

We are enjoying all the comforts of our God and thinking why can’t they have what I have. Why can’t they enjoy all the comforts of Jesus? I want them to know what I know. God gives us the comfort of the savior not to keep for ourselves but to use to comfort others. The Holy Spirit that has changed our hearts can change the hearts of others. The word of God that brings light to our world will bring light to others. Everything that we have in Jesus is for everyone else, no one is excluded. And you can give this precious gift of comfort to others. Share your comfort.

One way we share this comfort, the knowledge and faith in Jesus, is through our Early Christian Childhood Ministries. We have the opportunity to share Jesus with children, some who, don’t go to church, and some who don’t know Jesus at all. This fall we are starting a fund appeal to pay off our current mortgage. Lord willing, when our current mortgage is retired, we will be able to go forth with the congregation’s vision to have a new preschool/childcare facility on our campus. And as we do so, we will be reaching out to more and more families to share the comfort of Jesus with the precious little ones in our community. Please begin praying that Lord provides the volunteers from our congregation for the appeal and that the Lord provide the gifts needed through his people.

Keep Christ First! 

Pastor Chris Christenson