Our Programs

Our Programs
Purpose & Philosophy
Our purpose and philosophy is to create a family-oriented program which offers developmentally appropriate activities to promote each child's spiritual, mental, social, physical, and emotional  development  through  play, music, art, science, and literature. 

The children will have opportunities for exploring, experimenting and questioning, which will encourage curiosity, creativity, and expression. Since all children are individuals, we believe in developing the whole child in accordance with his/her needs and learning style.

  • To become aware of a God who loves us.
  • To help and direct the child to develop a positive self-image and encourage independence.
  • To help the child to understand and respect differences in others.
  • To help and direct the child to relate to classmates and teachers in a group and individual situations.
  • To develop physical skills--both fine and large motor.
  • To promote language development.
  • To provide time to develop social skills and learn sharing, cooperation, and decision-making skills.
  • To allow for creative time in art, music, and dramatic play.
6 weeks - 15 months

15 months - Age 3

Ages 3-5