Sunday School 18-19
Sunday School

First Lutheran Bible Investigators (F.B.I.) are coming back to Sunday School this year.  If you are a child, have a child, or know a child in pre-school - 8th grade, we are looking forward to having you join the program! 
  • Classes will take place after 9am church (approx. 10:15 am) during the school year.
  • Lessons will focus on the heros of faith found throughout the old and new testaments.
  • The children sing during a few church services throughout the year and lead the Children's Christmas Service on December 16th with rehersals on Dec 8 and 15 from 9:30-11am.
  • We encourage children ages preschool – 8th grade to take part in the program (potty trained please).
  • Students do not need to be members at our church, so please invite your friends and neighbors to take part!

If you have questions about the program or are interested in volunteering, please contact Rachel Bartels at