We’re FOR Love

Many people only know our brand of Lutheranism for what they’ve heard we’re AGAINST. You’ve heard statements like, The WELS is AGAINST abortion, AGAINST sex before marriage, or AGAINST this or that church. 

And, let’s be honest, our own words sometimes display a critical and unloving attitude toward others. That’s something for which we need forgiveness.

I guess it’s inevitable that when we announce and apply what God’s Word says, some people will always misunderstand us as only being AGAINST things. But, at the same time, we also need to be a little better at telling people what we’re FOR.

We are FOR the Bible. We believe it’s inspired by the Holy Spirit and inerrant, without mistakes or errors. We want it to guide what we do and what we teach. We need it to comfort and console us.

We also confess regularly that we are sinful and unclean. We say that because the Bible declares it in no uncertain terms. We see that in the world around us and we see it in our own hearts. It reminds us of what we are by nature, how helpless we are.

Most of all, we are FOR the big truth of the Bible, that God’s Son Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away the sins of ALL people. More than that, we rejoice in the fact that God wants ALL people to be saved by faith in Jesus Christ.

We recognize not only from the Bible, but from looking at the world around us, that God givesdifferent gifts and abilities – as well as different challenges and crosses – to different individuals.

He does all of this in order to bless us, to lead us to him and make us dependent on him.
Finally, we are FOR eagerly using the gifts that God gives us not just to give him thanks and bring him glory, but also to help others, those who are in need.

In short, we are FOR love – God’s love for us in Jesus Christ and our love for the Lord and those around us, even when they don’t agree with him and us.

And so we pray: Lord, help us proclaim your love to the world by displaying it in all we say and do. Amen.

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