The Father’s Song (I Will Always Be With You)

Know my love, See my smile

Since you started out my little child

I have been and I will always be

Guarding your life to keep you safe with me

I was there when you came into this world

Gave you my name through the water and the word

From you I’ll never turn - And I will always be with you.


Growing up, learning the ropes

Life is full of your dreams and hopes

Learning fast life has its’ ins and outs

Look to me I’ll show you what it’s all about

I will be there to take, to take your hand

I am your refuge and I will help you stand

You’re mine I know you can - And I will always be with you.


Time to time, you’ll fall down

Evil vices keep coming round

Giving into your sinful flesh

Wondering how you made this life such a mess

But I will be there when you’re, when you’re down and low

You are forgiven I wanted you to know

My love will never go - And I will always be with you.


Life goes by, oh so fast

But the life I give forever lasts

When the darkness shades your closing eyes

I will be with you right by your side

When that day finally comes, hold you in my arms

I have saved you and kept you from all harm

And you will always be-You will be with me

Because I will always be with you.


Starting out, growing up, falling down, rising up

I will always, I will always, I will always be,

I will always be with you - I will always be with you.


This song was originally titled, “I will always be with you”. The lyrics are written from an earthly father’s point of view. I wanted to write a song that reminded my children of the most important things in life, and the source of true life, eternal life. I wanted them to know that I would always love them no matter what would come of my life or theirs.

I wanted them to know the joy that parents have watching their children grow up. I wanted them to know about life; to know that life is full of failures and victories, and through them all I would be there to the best of my ability to help them through and share the good times and bad. I wanted them to be able to look to me for advice and listen to the wisdom that comes from experience. I wanted them to know when they make the wrong decisions or put themselves into peril, not only would I be there to pick them up but also to forgive them.

I also wanted them to remember the reality of this earthly life; that it is short and before long it is gone by. Not only do I want them to have these life lessons but the Life Lesson. If I can leave but one thing for my children, it is this: They have a greater Father, the Heavenly Father, who has given them eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

The words of the song of an earthly father are just an echo of the Words of God the Father. He wants you to know, to remember, to treasure, and to live, the fact that He loves us. The Heavenly Father loved us so much to give us his Son. John 3:16 He smiles upon you, making you his child through baptism. Galatians 3:26,27 The gift of faith he gives, he also strengthens to keep you as His own through this life. Isaiah 12:2 He even knew you before you came to be. Romans 8:28-30

The Heavenly Father wants you to know that He will be your guide and your help, your refuge and strength. Psalm 46:1 He walks alongside you speaking these gifts through His Word. Psalm 19:7-11 The Father also knows that you have weakness, a sinful nature that is tempted and can stray. Isaiah 53:6 He wants you to know that he will still love you and will forgive you. There is no sin that will surprise Him, and no transgression that He cannot forgive. He has forgiven you and will run to you with open arms like the father of the prodigal son. Luke 15:11-32

The Heavenly Father wants you to know that he will be with you all your life. Psalm 121:7,8 The Father who has known you from eternity, who has made you His own, who cares for you and forgives you, he will also be with you when your time on earth is through. You need not be anxious or fear that day, for the Father will hold you in His arms and usher you into His Kingdom, your Heavenly Home. John 10:27-30

I will always, I will always, I will aIways be, I will always be with you says your Heavenly Father, your Lord and Savior. Matthew 28:20b

Please look up all of these Bible references and use them as individual devotions.

Keep Christ First,

Pastor Chris Christenson