We are finishing up our summer sermon series, Summer of Sanctification. We know that we have so many plans, so much to get done, so many things we want to happen in the summer, but many times our first inclination isn’t to include God and living for Him. So this summer we were reminded by God’s Word that we have been sanctified by the Holy Spirit at baptism through the gift of faith, we have been set apart to live for Christ who died for us and was raised again. We were guided by examples of others in God’s Word to encourage us to live this summer and every day, sanctified. Consider the words of the song, I Have Ev’ry Reason of why we make it a priority to live the sanctified life.


I have every reason to praise your name

Not feel shame, I am loved by God

Each and every day Lord you make things new

Revealing you and your love for me.


Knowing you’re beside me Lord I have all things

With you’re strength beneath me soar on eagles’ wings

Seeing you’re before you make true my dreams

Your love has filled my voice and makes me want to sing.


Knowing God is for me I cannot fall

He did not spare his Son but gave him for us all

His blessings do not end but they will overflow

God’s working for my good and the keeper of my soul.


No nothing can remove me from the love of God

Not the powers below nor any power above

I am convinced that I shall more than conqueror be

Jesus is my Savior and rules eternity.

Pastor Chris Christenson © 2009


Now read Romans chapter 8 and be reminded, be edified by the Holy Spirit of all the reasons God gives us to live not only a Summer of Sanctification but every day.


Keep Christ First!

Pastor Chris Christenson